Ok, just to inform you all ( all 2 viewers of my blog) , this is my first blog in English. Why, why you ask ? That’s because I already have a blog in Dutch which is famous all over the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa. Writing in English will make me famous all over the world, so I guess that’s a good excuse.

Tuesday the 12th of May, I was in the Maaspoort ( famous stadium in Den Bosch, home of Dutch basketball) for the game SPM Shoeters vs Landstede Zwolle. The best of 7 series was tied at 2-2, and so the 5th game is  crucial in a best of 7 series. Either you will have matchpoint or you will have to win 2 more games to go through to the finals….

After the loss in the last home game, and the win after that in Zwolle I was wondering how SPM would start the game. Are they still in the winning mood or was the win in Zwolle a coincidence?  After 2 minutes it was clear it wasn’t. 2 free throws of Johnson and a jumper from Curry gave SPM a 4-0 lead. After that they struggled a little but when the scoreboard showed 13-13 Arvin Slagter decided to throw 2 threepointers in a row. After that he was on fire the whole game. Guess he played his best game since a while last night!

So the first quarter ended with a 21-13 score. What happened in the 2nd quarter is hard to describe.. I’ve never witnessed something like this. Not even when I watched 2 NBA games a looooong time ago. It was when Rik Smits still played for the Indiana Pacers together with Reggie Miller. We also watched a game from the Chicago Bulls, of course in the year that Michael Jordan was playing basebal. ( I was there with 2 girls who were supporting Den Bosch in that time, maybe they still do ? ).

Anyway, the 2nd quarter.. 8 x 3PNT.  3 x Slagter (on fire!), 3x Akerboom and 2x Curry.

foto: Robert Verboon
foto: Robert Verboon

And that’s how to celebrate! It was amazing to watch and the crowd wasn’t quiet for a moment. What an atmosphere! They ended the 2nd quarter with a 48-23 lead and that basicly meant the game was over.. The 3rd and 4th quarter SPM relaxed a little but never gave Zwolle the idea that they could come back in the game.  The next game will be in Zwolle on the 14th of May, let’s hope that all the players are still in the zone from last night….

As I said, Slagter played good, very good. But my favorite this year is Brandyn Curry. Favorite sounds a little weird… I follow him with more attention than other players, lets keep it that way. In fact, I’ve never had that much favorite players.. Many years ago my favorite in Den Bosch was Riley Smith ( what happened to him?) and in the NBA I never had one player who was my favorite. Maybe Kobe Bryant a few years ago. Sure I enjoyed watching MJ, Magic, the Mailman ( as you notice, I was more fan of the NBA back in the days than at this moment) and Reggie Miller, but none of those had “my special attention”.

Curry has. Don’t ask me why, but the minute I saw him play I could tell ( and no, I am not a professional ) that he will be an important player for a big club abroad later on in his career. First he has to stay a while in Den Bosch to get better and better.  At this moment it is too soon to make the big step to a big European club. And hee, if the staff of SPM Shoeters can keep all the players on board for the season 2015-2016 I am sure that Den Bosch will be that big European club (again) !.  As I said before today somewhere on Twitter, if they manage to keep Brandyn Curry in Den Bosch I will buy a season ticket for next year. And that’s a promis !